Chemical Composition

HRB400 gb steel Rebar


Theoretical Weight

HRB400 GB steel rebar


HRB400 Steel Rebar GB-China Standard

GB 1499.2-2007 HRB400: China Standard Steel rebar, it is used in China and many others countrys, so requires MOQ is 20-100tons each diameter.We have many in stock, feel free to ask even low quantity.

Application: Construction supply such as House, Building, Bridge construction.

Production Process: Steel billet – Rough Rolling -Medium Rolling – Finish Rolling – Water Cooling – Cooling bed – Cut – Automatic Count – Bundling – Steel rebars Finish

Packing: In bundles (three rolls to reinforce), or in Coil(6,8mm)

Delivery: 35-90 days after Comfirmed

Payment Term: 30% TT in advance, 70% against B/L    30% TT in advance, 70% L/C at the sight          100% L/C at the sight



  1. Why we can not produce your low quantity steel rebar such as 3tons or 20tons etc?

Answer: Every time we producing steel rebar,  we have to produce steel billet first, but one furnace we have to put at least 300tons steels in it once, so if you ask for 20tons, what can we do about the rests.

  1. Why you can supply Chinese Standard steel rebar in low MOQ?

Answer: It is  really simply, since we are in China, so factory will producing Chinese standard every month, so we can add some plans in it. Sometime we get some steel rebar left feel free to ask us.

  1. Why we ask many details before the quote?

Answer: Yes, we need more information in case of quote you the right price not the over cheap price. If someone give you a quote without question. Be careful, you may provide everything they need or they are fraud(Bad Guys).

  1. What information should I provide before get a quote to save time?

Answer: For Example steel rebar: 1.diameter, 2. Length, 3.quantity for each dimension, 4.Standard and grade you need, from here I can give you a FOB price, if you need a CIF or CNF price even DDU etc, we need to know our port or address.

  1. Why 6mm and 8mm steel rebar can not be straight?

Answer: Yes we can, but we just can cut them and make them straight, since they are too thin, we may meet some problems in the shipment, when we lift them by two side, they will curve like a U shape and slide down. Dangerous!!!

6. Why your price not low like others?

Answer: Our price is in the middle of the suppliers. We do not sale the extremely low price steel rebar since we know the costs. If the price equal to the costs or even lower than the costs what happen then? so as you know the price is low in China, you just need a lower price with good quality, we supply those.



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