We supply more Products

We are not only supply steel rebars and stainless steels!

We also supply:

  1. Maraging steel
  2. Precipitation hardening stainless steel
  3. High temperature high speed tool steel
  4. Duplex stainless steel
  5. The nickel-base Superalloy
  6. Martensitic stainless steel
  7. Ferritic stainless steel
  8. Corrosion Resistant Alloys
  9. The cobalt-based Superalloys

We were supplying these for decade domesticly, this time we shipped to Korea, to show how good is our quality.

About Mill

We have an annual output of 300,000 tons of AOD refining furnace smelting furnace and vacuum equipment.

According to customer needs , we can provide you productions meet all standards like AISI, GB, DN, JIS, NF and other standards of production of stainless steel .Our main steel includes: Austenitic stainless steels, Ferritic stainless steel, Martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steels, Austenitic – Ferritic stainless steel, Corrosion resistant alloys, Maraging steel, Chromium-based Superalloy, a nickel-based Superalloy, iron-based Superalloys and so on.

To ensure the quality of products, we introduced of SPECTRO spectrometer from Germany for universal testing machine and ESR equipment.



stainless steel supplier

-About Procedure
  • Raw Material handling

Ratio and select the new material precisely according to each Grade’s composition requirements


  • Smelting raw materials in the Smelting furnace

Ratio and select the new material precisely according to each Grade’s composition requirements

  • Electro slag remelting (ESR)steel

Purify the metal then get the clean and symmetrical homogeneous ingot.

After ESR, high purity, low sulfur, low non-metallic inclusions, ingot surface is smooth, clean uniform, dense, uniform micro structure and chemical composition.

  • Forging

1100 ℃ high temperature hot forming, forging is a processing method using  forging machinery to press the ingot, it can make the ingot get certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and size.

stainless steel supplier

By forging can eliminate the bug like cast loose produced in the smelting process and other defects, optimize micro structure. Meanwhile, forging can save the complete metal flow lines, so the mechanical properties of forgings generally better than the same material castings.


  • Sold-solution treatment (heat treatment)

1) improve the uniformity of the steel composition and internal organization.

2)Lower material hardness, eliminate internal stress and improve the toughness and corrosion resistance.

6.Cutting on the lathe/grinding on the grinder

Processed into precise dimensions ,guarantee the diameter tolerance

  • Aging treatment

continue to heat the cold treated round bar to a certain temperature then maintain a certain time, to further improve the yield strength and tensile strength , and further reduce the ductility and toughness.

  • Package and delivery


-About Test

A, Component:

analysis the Components of the raw materials (smelting detected before: Front detection);

Analysis the liquid steel composition (furnace detection);

Detect the components after the molten steel cooling(detection after furnace)

B, Ultrasonic nondestructive testing:

stainless steel test

detecting the internal material defects (cracks, shrinkage, loose or not, etc.)


C, Hardness:

stainless steel suppiler

detect after the solid-solution treatment

D ,Micro structure test:

after the solid-solution treatment,take sample to detect and observe whether the tissue structure is normal or not (organization arrangement is regular or not, crystal particle is large or not)




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